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What is Zaiko Zero?

Zaiko Zero is a next-generation platform that allows you to easily manage everything, from sales to streaming of paid live streaming on your own.


Ticket purchasers
Only available to ticket purchasers

Since access to the streaming can be controlled so only customers can access it, it is easy to prevent unathorized viewing and the unauthorized spreading of videos

Operation Fees
No Initial and Operation Fees

No initial or operating fees are incurred with Zaiko Zero. Operating costs can be reduced monthly or annually

No Sales Commission
No Sales Commission

Since user fees from customers are the revenue, there are no fees for the organizer

Tipping & Stickits functions
Tipping & Stickits functions

Fees for tipping and Stickits will be applied only for the amount sold. 80% of the sales will be returned to the organizer.

Live streaming player
Deliverable with Zaiko Live, developed completely in-house

Since the streaming event will be delivered by Zaiko Original Live streaming player, there is no need to pay for the use of external services. Organizers can thus reduce their cost burden

Twitter Chat Function
Twitter Chat Function

By generating and using the original hashtag for the event, you can enjoy communicating with the fans worldwide

Increase Revenue with +Archive
Increase Revenue with +Archive

In addition to 100% of the ticket price, 80% of the amount added by extended archive will be paid out

Live Streaming Events Currently On Sale

Live Streaming Flow


Fill out the application form on Zaiko Zero
Application Form


After approval by Zaiko, tickets go on sale immediately


Market your event by posting the ticket link on social media
Social Media


Live stream testing can be done before going live

Extra Features

Multilingual Support

Multilingual Support

In addition to Japanese, English, Korean and Chinese are supported

Variety of Payment Methods

Variety of Payment Methods

Credit card, convenience store and online payments are available

Visa Mastercard JCB CVS WeChat Pay Alipay PayPal
Sales data in real time

You can check the sales data in real time!

The sales amount, number of tickets and stickits sold, and payout details are available

Ticket Inventory

Unlimited Ticket Inventory


With Zaiko Zero, you will not be charged any initial cost, operation cost or commission. You will be able to set and manage everything from ticket sales to streaming. Zaiko Zero also works with multiple languages and currencies, allowing you to sell streaming tickets to fans all over the world.

Please allow up to 2 business days for event approval.

Log in to your Zaiko account or access the ticket URL in your confirmation email to watch the streaming.

Start live streaming with No Initial cost, commission fees, operation fees!