Digital event pioneer Zaiko announces NFT for Artists project/product, in partnership with Curvegrid


Zaiko is pleased to announce its latest project offering NFT-backed solutions to artists and event organizers. This is the latest in a Zaiko’s line of in-house digital tools that allow artists to monetize direct-to-fan, and complements ticketing, live streaming, subscriptions and other digital merchandise enabled by Zaiko. 

Zaiko is partnering with Curvegrid ( to launch an NFT product for artists, Digitama™ - with further NFT products being developed inside the partnership for event organizers and creators coming soon. 

(for Japanese release):

Zaiko’s NFT product, Digitama™, stands for Digital Tamashii. With Digitama, fans can write themselves forever into an artist’s history through the blockchain ledger. Digitama™ are totally unique and once purchased become a one-of-a-kind digital asset that can become part of a collection, or even resold at a profit. Furthermore, the artist receives a portion of additional revenue when an NFT is resold to a new owner at a higher price. 

Zaiko is accepting limited applications for artists interested in joining the first release of Digitama. As only a small number of artists will be accepted, please submit your profile through the application below as soon as possible.  

■Malek Nasser, CEO of Zaiko

 “NFTs are the perfect technology for selling digital art and collectibles. We have been seeing huge growth with our digital merchandise item called STICKITS, and we see NFTs as the natural progression of digital merchandise in the digital event space. We are excited as always to be an industry leader offering artists and creators early access to the most cutting-edge technologies.” 


■Jeff Wentworth, CEO of Curvegrid

“Zaiko has positioned themselves as the market leader in the digitalization of artist services and events. Working together with them on an NFT product is the quickest way to offer next-generation technology to as many artists as possible. Our MultiBaas blockchain middleware substantially accelerates time-to-market and helps creators connect with fans on their terms.”


■What are NFTs? 

NFTs or “non-fungible tokens,” are assets secured and tracked on the blockchain, similar to cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. This means they  are a  “digital asset,” or a “digital object.” They have become incredibly popular as a collectible, similar to how many people collect art or rare memorabilia.  In other words, they can be collected and even resold at great value due to demand, just like real-life items. Owners of NFT hold a unique digital asset owned only by them. 

■About Curvegrid

Curvegrid is a blockchain technology company based in Tokyo, Japan. Curvegrid's MultiBaas blockchain middleware makes it fast, easy, and cost effective for companies to build on multiple blockchain platforms. Turnkey MultiBaas solutions are available for financial services, decentralized finance, online gaming, document management, logistics, and manufacturing that help companies get to market with blockchain faster than otherwise possible.


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