【Increase site visitors 181%】Zaiko Launches Creator Hub:  an SEO-enhanced website creation tool for event organizers

ZAIKO (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo; President: Kozo Inada) began offering a new tool called "Creator Hub" on March 1 that allows event organizers to create SEO-optimized websites for ticket sales and event announcements.

Creator Hub, a new tool for creating original websites developed for artists, production companies, comedy and theater troupes, live houses, online seminars, and all other event organizers, allows you to easily publish a sophisticatedly designed ticketing website without the need for specialized software.


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Optimized for search engines, you can expect your events to appear higher in Google searches. Pre-test results have shown a 181% increase in search traffic for events sold using Creator Hub.

In addition, the following content can be implemented on the your ticket-selling website

  • Electronic Ticket Sales
    Create and sell electronic tickets for live streaming, live venue or hybrid events.

  • Subscribe to newsletters
    Send your subscribers a variety of announcements about upcoming events, etc.

  • Promotion through subscription services
    Easily start your own subscription video service.

  • Content Showcase
    Blogs and articles can be displayed in one place.

  • Featured Banner

    Customize the top banner of your site to announce featured events and services.

You can also customize the site's theme and color scheme.

To use "Creator Hub", please create a business account with "Creator Services", or electronic ticket sales platform that can you can register for free! "Creator Hub" can be setup immediately from the settings menu.

・Creator Services: https://creators.zaiko.io/



 About Creator Hub 

  • Feature Development Background

In the past, when electronic tickets were created with "ZAIKO," organizers were able to have their own website with a subdomain https://0000.zaiko.io/.

Websites created with traditional functionality were outdated in design, followed old standards for SEO, and could not provide content other than ticket sales. In addition, as events have become more diverse, more people are concerned with speed and modern design rather than complex setups.

To meet the changing needs of event organizers, the site was developed to be "suitable for the latest SEO standards," "easy to be searched," "easy to promote," and "easy to customize design.

Ry Van Veluwen, Creator Hub Product Manager, comments

Our professional team has meticulously optimized and tailored the SEO of your event to make it easily discoverable. Coupled with a user-friendly interface, fans will surely be able to easily search for information sent out by the organizers.

Creator Hub will help you increase awareness of your events, streamline ticket sales, and attract new fans, as well as keep the loyal ones, connect to your artistic activities.


  • Upcoming events

For current "Creator Services" customers, Creator Hub will be available for all profiles from March 4, 2024, and the design of your profile page (https://000000.zaiko.io/) will be redesigned.

For customers using the existing "ZAIKO" Enterprise Edition, the implementation is scheduled for April, 2024. We plan to implement features that will help you organize events and increase sales, such as social media integration.


 About ZAIKO 

Company name: ZAIKO Corporation
Location: K'S Nishiazabu 5F, 2-13-6 Nishiazabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Representative: Representative Director, Kozo Inada
Business: Operation of electronic ticket sales platform "ZAIKO", etc.
Capital: 399 million yen
Date of establishment: January 11, 2019
URL: https://zaiko.io/

ZAIKO" has developed an artist and event organizer first service based on the concept of a platform that allows artists and fans to connect directly through electronic ticketing. ZAIKO has contributed to the organization of more than 40,000 events to date, including events at venues.

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