ZAIKO releases electronic ticket sales platform "Creator Services"

Simple and easy to use, Zaiko's new DIY event creation tool. With no initial cost, anyone can easily sell electronic tickets.

ZAIKO PTE Ltd. (Head office: Minato-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director: Kozo Inada) has released a new electronic ticket sales platform called "Creator Services".



Zaiko has been a pioneer of pay-per-ticket digital events in Japan, providing an electronic ticketing platform that has sold more than 40,000 events to date.

The "ZAIKO" platform, was an enterprise platform with a full range of features such as detailed customization of event content, multi-language/multi-currency support, analysis of purchaser data, and customer management.

On the other hand, event organizers have shared with us the challenges they have faced using the platform ZAIKO platform, such as difficulties with set up, usage and costs.

To address this we have introduced "Creator Services" a DIY event creation tool that can be used on a web browser, and developed to make event management simple in design and easy to use. "Creator Services" allows anyone to easily sell electronic tickets for offline events, live streaming, and on-demand streaming, as well as use the all-in-one services necessary for artist activities, such as create and manage their own official website and fan club. The service fees are based on a sales commissiononly, and there are no initial or setup fees.

Using Creator Services is simple and involves the following steps.

■Creator Services

1)ZAIKO account creation
2) Event and ticket creation
3) Start selling electronic tickets

Creator Services is a new solution in ticketing and promotion that allows for easy event production. It is suitable for artists, productions, events, sports, games, theater, business and many other fields.



Features of Creator Services

Electronic ticket sales:
Venue events, distributed events, hybrid events, international distribution, international sales, support for other languages, swipe-mogiri, QR code check-in, on-demand distribution, multiple distribution, distribution testing, chat, choice of sales commission, free tickets, secret tickets, tickets with password, simultaneous email to purchasers, etc.

Other original features:
Creator Hub・・・Creation of original SEO-enhanced websites
Stickits・・・Paid-for give-away stamps for live streaming
Plus Archive・・・Purchasers can choose how long they want to archive
+HD Audio・・・Buyers can add high quality audio
Digitama Stubs・・・Ticket stubs by NFT
ONEFAN・・・Easily create your own fan club
Highly profitable original functions are also available, such as

ZAIKO Profile

Zaiko is an all-in-one entertainment platform for creators and their representatives. Events, communities, paid subscriptions, merchandise and more are managed in one place so stakeholders have a streamlined view of their marketing opportunities. 
Zaiko is also the only subscription-based concert streaming service that allows international consumers to watch live high-production entertainment at discounted rates. 

Creator Services:

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