Amaze Fans With Cutting-Edge Streaming Experiences

Create a HD experience for your fans. Customizable your in-stream experience with live merchandise sales, NFT drops, support stickits, messaging and more.

Live streaming

Explore new revenue opportunities with paid online streams

Turn your in-person event into a hybrid streaming event or offer paid streaming events on top of free streaming events.

Maximize revenue by reaching international audiences and offer tiered streams to your audiences.

Zaiko Live

Explore the possibilities with Zaiko Live

360 Degree Customer Analytics

Create informed marketing strategies by understanding your streaming audiences. Get a full breakdown of your customers after each event.

Archived Contents

Optional: Archive streams for use in future promotion or follow-up events. Archived content can be shared on social media channels, websites or any media of your choosing.

Multilingual and Multi-Currency Support

Relevant checkout and streaming experiences means greater customer satisfaction. Zaiko Live is adaptive to local languages and currencies.

High Definition Video and Audio

Unbeatable HD surround sound audio (max. spec.)

Supports live streaming, archives and VOD

No limits on viewer count

Automatically adjusts video quality to viewing environment

World-class low latency

Allows access to multiple streams from a single ticket

Maximum video: 1920 × 1080p 5,000kbps H.264/AVC
Maximum audio: 384 kbps AAC-LC
High Definition Video
Monetization Options

Additional monetization options

Paid Archives Archive periods

Set ticket prices based on how long customers get to view recorded content after the original live stream

High quality audio distribution Price by high definition (+HD audio)

Up-sell customers based on HD video or audio

Delivery tickets Create merchandise-included tickets
Up-sell customers with packages that include merch like t-shirts or NFTs

Support Stickits and Chat Functionality

New: Additional ways to engage customers in-stream

Support Stickits

Allow customers to tip in-stream in form of Support Stickits.
Organizers can design stickers called Support Stickits that customers can purchase with the intention of tipping during an online stream. Purchased Support Stickits are stored in a customer's Zaiko account as a form of memorabilia.

In-Stream Chat 

Censor certain keywords and let customers do the rest. Allow customers to engage with live streams in an interactive chat.

Tipping and Chat

Create Sustainable Revenue Streams With Paid Live Streams