+HD audio is an optional feature that allows you to experience high-quality live stream viewing.

You can enjoy watching artist performances with the best sound quality possible.

Best sound quality

Feature 1

With a high sound quality of up to 384kbps, which is twice the normal sound quality (192kbps), all sounds are more vivid and clearer than ever before.

Best sound quality

Feature 2

Both powerful and delicate sounds are expressed profoundly, leaving the listener with the impression that they're hearing them live.

Sound quality comparison video

HD audio allows you to experience a richer and more three-dimensional viewing experience while maintaining the feeling of being in a live venue.

For the best possible sound quality, please listen with headphones.

Normal sound quality (192kbps)

HD audio (384kbps)

Viewing environment

HD audio quality is affected by the playback environment of the device used to listen (speaker and headphone performance). When viewing, we recommend preparing the following optimal playback environment.

Equipment with a frequency response of 20 to 20,000 Hz
Wired devices that are more stable than bluetooth

How to use +HD Audio

When watching a live broadcast on Zaiko, if the broadcast event supports +HD audio, you can enjoy high-quality sound of up to 384kbps(for surround sound output) for an additional charge of 200 yen in addition to the ticket price. Zaiko Premium or Connect members can enjoy high-quality streaming events at no additional charge.
By selecting +HD audio (384kbps) on the Zaiko management screen, event organizers can make the most of the audio output of the equipment used at the distribution site. You can deliver high-quality sound full of presence to the listener's ears.
Visit the Zaiko Connect page to find out about our membership programs that offer a variety of benefits.

So get started with your premium viewing experience today!