What is Digitama?

Digitama is a marketplace where anyone can use their pictures or digital assets into digital goods (NFT*), to buy and sell.
Opening up a door for creators to express through digital merchandise assets whilst providing new fan experience and securing new revenue stream.
NFT = Way to prove ownership of a digital asset using blockchain technology

Everyone is a creator, and a fan of somebody



Easily create digital assets like NFTs using your pictures or digital arts.


Digital assets such as NFTs can be sold at fixed price or auction by offers. Creators can also benefit from royalty for secondary and every other transaction occurred.



Digital assets such as NFTs can be bought in Japanese yen using credit card. You can collect or sell the digital assets purchased.

Social media

Social media like profile page

Every Digitama user has their own profile page. Your collection or purchase history can be made public. You can also like or share Digitamas you like.
Data utility

Data utility

User engagement data on Digitama can be linked together with data acquired through other Zaiko products. You can use Digitama to create new engagement touch points, and users can benefit from those experiences. Data can be utilised to make a win-win for all.

Example of how use your data

  • Ticket purchaser or ONEFAN members exclusive Digitama
  • Locked content (video or text) for Digitama purchasers
  • Exclusive events or notifications for Digitama owners

What is an NFT?

An NFT (Non Fungible Token) is a digital certificate that allows you to claim the right to be the sole owner of a digital asset (such as a file in any format).